About JW Tech

About JW Tech

Our staff and associates have extensive experience in developing computer hardware, software and networking solutions. Our strong background with a variety of software and hardware platforms gives us unparalleled versatility in choosing the right solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Most importantly, though, it is our outstanding ability to listen carefully to those needs and construct thoughtful solutions that allows us to produce results that will meet the test of time.

About JW Tech

Meet Wes Ague – Principal Consultant

“Honesty, integrity and the skill to communicate effectively are the key ingredients to any relationship – particularly to the client-consultant relationship.”

Wes is a computer industry veteran with over forty-five years of experience in all aspects of computer technology and software development. In his earlier career with AT&T Labs, Wes developed a reputation as an innovator and was highly regarded in his ability to understand customer needs and to translate those needs into the best technical solutions. A good portion of his career had him involved in various computer networking projects – including Internet access and remote access networking for corporate customers.

Since 1999, Wes has used his extensive experience and skills to provide computer hardware, networking and Internet solutions for small businesses. His ability to communicate technical information effectively to both technical and non-technical people makes him an ideal consultant for businesses with or without a technical staff of their own. Complete resume and references are available on request.